Executive Board and Project Management

Awais Rashid biography page

Awais Rashid

Head of Cyber Security Group

University of Bristol

Andrew Martin biography page

Andrew Martin

Prof. of System Security

University of Oxford

Steve Schneider biography page

Steve Schneider

Director of the Surrey Centre for Cyber Security

University of Surrey

Yulia Cherdantseva biography page

Yulia Cherdantseva

Cyber Security Skills Lead at Cardiff Centre for Cyber Security Research

Cardiff University

Steering Committee

The CyBOK Steering Committee comprises national and international experts from industry, academia and professional bodies and are responsible for overseeing the maintenance of CyBOK and ensuring its strong academic and internationally recognised quality. They will act to advise when new KAs should be included or revisions made to existing KAs as well as appraising work. The Executive Board are also included in the Steering Committee membership.
David King biography page

David King



Laurie Williams biography page

Laurie Williams

Distinguished Professor

North Carolina Sate University

Mira Mezini biography page

Mira Mezini

Vice President, Research & Innovation

Technische Universitat Darmstadt

Trent Jaeger biography page

Trent Jaeger

Prof. of Computer & Engineering

Pennsylvania University

Emil Lupu biography page

Emil Lupu

Prof. in Adaptive Computing System

Imperial College London

Project Researchers

Archived Members

Sir Edmund Burton biography page

Sir Edmund Burton


Former Chair, Steering Committee

Bart Preneel biography page

Bart Preneel

Prof. in COSIC

Katholieke Universiteit Leuven

L. Jean Camp biography page

L. Jean Camp

Prof. School of Informatics & Computing

Indiana University

Jill Slay biography page

Jill Slay

Director of the ACCS

UNSW at the ADFA

Nick Coleman biography page

Nick Coleman

The Institute of Engineering & Technology

Diana Burley biography page

Diana Burley

Prof. Humans & Organisational Learning

The George Washington University

Bill Mitchell biography page

Bill Mitchell


BCS Academy of Computing